Gundam Amazing Blu Warrior + Vector System

Yep, finally this project is done 100% I called it “Gundam Amazing Blu Warrior + Vector System” This project is a custom, i do custom on Gundam Amazing Red Warrior from HG Build Fighter. The gunpla itself is very enjoyable to build and have a tons of armaments, like rifle, big rifle, sword, saber, etc (really excited with this point). Let’s review this gundam from my opinion: (Score 1-5)

Proportion = 3

Articulation = 4

Detail = 3

In this project, i decide to make Amazing Red Warrior looks more badass with a mega launcher and some booster as the add-on package, then i use optional part from HGBF “Mega Ride Launcher” as the Vector System for this Gundam. This concept is for long-range combat on space, so this gundam can shoot a massive beam and move faster with the booster that added on the leg. Gundam Amazing Blu Warrior has blue color to match up this unit as the space unit. Overall, u can look the detail from all of this photo’s below 😀 Enjoy it guys~




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